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 Happily Ever After
Play and Party Palace, LLC 


mail to: 5002 Stony Run Dr, Reading Pa 19606 

10 Tranquility Lane, Reading PA 19607 

set back from rte 10 Morgantown Rd in Green Hills, next to gate house of the Heritage of Green Hills


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for boys or mixed gender      ages 4-10 

2 or 2.5 hrs parties  (See pricing and details page)


Swashbuckling sea-sailing Pirates parties! With pirate stories, sword fighting lessons, treasure and costumes!!


A pirate costumed party leader will hoist the main sail with all hands on board for pirate adventures.  The children will learn how to talk like pirate, take sword fighting lessons, have ship races, and engage in a cannon ball battle between "ships".


   There will games of skill and co-ordination


walk-the-plank,          pin the patch on the pirate                 and pirate ship races.

And there will be a pirate's feast with song and raising your goblets high to toast the captain's birthday! 



Choose our deluxe party which includes a high seas craft: the children will make their own spy-glasses to take home and watch for pirate ships in their own waters....

The party lands with an organized gift opening ceremony to let each first mate bring the captain his gift of "treasure".  We even record all the gifts for your thank you notes.

Please note: we DO NOT provide character appearances, no Disney character  impersonator will appear at your party. 

Ages 4-9 yrs. for fairy tale parties : non-stop SUPERVISED fun! Story reading, decorations, themed games, activities, songs, bubble dance, "High Tea" or "Royal Feast", amazing costumes, crafts, controlled gift opening ceremony and gift log, and more....

Ages 1 & 2,3 yrs: you  may have a FAMILY Party! We will set up all the tables and chairs you need, space for food (buffet style) and cake, and an array of  mats, tunnels, climbing mats, toys, castles, Indian Tee Pees, etc etc for the little ones. This age group or a mixed age groups of cousins & siblings etc does well with this style of party! (often 12 yr old boys don't enjoy the 2 yr old cousin's princess games, for instance),  Games and crafts may be arranged to offer entertainment on a toddler level. See pricing for details or call for more information.  We offer a face painting option as well.

Add Pizza, Popcorn, Face Painting or Parent Coffee Service , see our pricing and details page!

 We offer  a comfortable lobby with large glass viewing window so that parents may remain throughout the entire party to enjoy the fun.  Children under the age of 3 MUST remain in the lobby area until cake time for safety reasons according to insurance regulations

Remember: No set-up for you, no clean up, nothing to bring, no entertainment responsibilities for you! We even provide invitations. We keep the party activity (and the children) under control the whole time and fun!  Just send the guest list, book the party and you're done!

Call early to book your party:


Kathy Lavanga- party consultant

or email at: info@happilyea.com



10 Tranquility Lane, Reading PA 19607 set back from rte 10 Morgantown Rd in Green Hills, next to gate house of the Heritage of Green Hills